I’m an experienced photographer, appreciative of photography because is an art form that has no limits or boundaries. I’m passionate about this craft, whether is shooting landscape (which I turn into original oil paintings), models, family, or venues, I always give 200%.  I have experience, both in studio and on location.

I love to goof around during shoots because it creates an amazing atmosphere, which then turns into marvelous photographs because when the model forgets there’s a camera in front of him/her magic happens. Nonetheless, I do take pride in my work and treat it with respect and professionalism at all time.

I’m always available to work with models at any level. Whether you are looking to build/update your portfolio or just add modeling to your bag of experience, I’m here to help you along the way. Feel free to contact me.


Side note(Fruit for thoughts): Photographers spent hours and hours working on photographs after each session. For example, if a model pays $300 for a two hour outdoor-session and wants 15-20 professionally retouched photographs, and let’s say the photographer spends 1 hour in each photo, that’s an equivalent of 20 hours processing, plus 2 hours of session, plus the time spent choosing the best photographs, and time & gas/miles spent to get to location. 25 hours total plus $50 gas. $300-50/25hrs=$10hr.  Basically you just paid $10 per photos and believe me it takes way longer than that to process 20 photographs.

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